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Samurai Training is a professional development program dedicated to teaching chiropractors to evolve beyond the benchmark of a basic skill set, in order to create their own successful, spirit-led business legacies. Our focus is on developing the art and craft of chiropractic care—style, swagger, flare—it is here that we tap into our intuition as practitioners and learn how to best serve our patients. Beyond our artistic, expressive qualities lies the often uncharted terrain of the business world—this is where we broaden our focus, preparing chiropractors for success with principles of entrepreneurship that apply to our specific professional context. Finally, we focus on communication practices that allow us to become extraordinarily effective, both by way of self-expression and by developing the business skills necessary to thrive in our chosen profession.


Our mission is to teach chiropractors to practice from a place of empowerment, to communicate with patients in empowering ways, and to start successful, accessible, transparent, value-driven, service-oriented businesses.


Our vision for the future of chiropractic care goes beyond the process of physical adjustment to explore the promise of human consciousness, to tap into the super-intelligence of the body, and to access our miraculous ability to heal from within, when provided with proper support and encouragement.


At the age of nineteen, Paul was in a devastating car crash that nearly killed him. He was a college athlete at the time. “You’re lucky to be alive,” a doctor told him, “but with these injuries, you won’t be able to walk again.” The crash changed the trajectory of his life; he would not accept the harsh fate that was so quickly prescribed to him. He would find his own way.

Paul grew up in a loving home with a nurturing American mother and a strong Nigerian father who would not accept anything less than the best from his three children. His father always told him that to get better at anything—better at basketball, better at life—he had to keep working, keep training; “this never stops,” his father said.

After the crash, Paul was determined to get better and, ultimately, discovered the power of holistic medicine. In fact, it was a chiropractor who saw his injuries and said, “we can get you up and running again.” After his first adjustment he felt calm, peaceful, and connected in a way he had never before experienced. His chiropractor used a combination of adjustment, chiropractic neurology, and an anti-inflammatory diet to help Paul heal. In six months, he was walking again. In nine months, he was able to sprint.

Paul was so inspired by his healing experience that he attended Life Chiropractic College West, where he learned to adjust the body through the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic—which, at Life West, was taught with an emphasis on the power of holistic healing and natural wellness. Since his 2014 graduation, Paul has launched his own practice and is the owner and CEO of his business, Ofili Chiropractic Inc., where he studies, applies, and perfects financial management, entrepreneurship, and effective business communication techniques.

Stylistically, Paul works to embody a balance of masculine and feminine qualities in both his chiropractic practices and his teaching methods. As a practitioner, he approaches this duality as something that must be kept in a state of homeostasis, or balance. Part of his role as a healer is to hold space for the emotional experiences of others; this, along with understanding how much any one adjustment can benefit from an exercise of strength, and how much it requires a sense of gentleness and finesse, is the key to balance.

Paul started the Samurai Training program to share what he has learned with other chiropractors who may just be getting started, but possess a strong desire for achievement and are prepared to be vulnerable and honest in order to grow. The skill of a Samurai begins with the optimization of one’s truth as a practitioner. It is from the depth of one’s personal truth that an unwavering sense of confidence and keen intuitive abilities emerge; it is where art and craft become one, and, ultimately, where the service of healing and the strength of a practitioner’s market value intersect.

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